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The project aims to:

Leonardo is an European project, that the main objective is to develop an affordable, safe, easy to manage and cheap to maintain electric micro-vehicle, smart fusion of the concepts of mono wheel and scooter.

Leonardo will be silent, clean, energy efficient, safe, light as well as attractive and affordable to the public area and public transport so that the barriers for adopting it are minimized. A new drivetrain with improved energy efficiency will be incorporated, as well as new solutions on system integration such as modular battery pack.

 Being easy to drive, comfortable and safe even on rough roads.

● Being light and compact, which can be brought everywhere without the need for parking in the road or in sidewalk, to be transported on public and private vehicles, in order to fully exploit the intermodality.

● Being smart and integrable in smart cities environment.

● Being easily and quickly recharged at home or office.

● Being used in sharing systems applications, e.g. interoperable with the battery sharing (BS) system, already developed by the University of Florence, in order to fully exploit the capabilities of this vehicle. In the latter case, the vehicle will have two batteries, the removable one (shared) and the smaller non-removable one (on-board).

● Modular, to adapt the engine power and other aspects to different countries regulations.

● Have an adjustable range of use, based on the user’s needs, by choosing a battery of suitable capacity and weight. The range can furthermore be extended with the battery sharing service.

● Have a low initial cost and being easy to service, to extend its life cycle and to have low maintenance costs.


This project has received funding from the LIFE Program of the European Union under grant agreement No. 101074307

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