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Chi Siamo

F&N Composites has been working for the Industry for more than 20 years. We specialize in the industrialization and realization of composite components for the aerospace, nautical and industrial sectors.

Our history began in 1994, when we decided to put years of experience of working with US and South Africa’s top-ranking companies into creating F&N, which has been able to offer top-level services working with composite materials ever since.



Thanks to a careful managing method, to our commitment towards working with the most innovative technologies and to the right marketing strategies F&N has grown.

Our company has a structure of 1200 m2 with both top-level equipment and highly skilled personal. These achievements are the result of constant research carried out by high-level professionals, oriented towards optimizing traditional processes, automating any productive process and constantly improving our work environment.

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Our Mission

ZASH is a brand meant to influence our approach to urban displacement, contributing to the smart city development sector with new, efficient, lightweight means of transport characterized by unique design.

AYR, the first project, is an assisted pedal city bike. Ease of use, essentials curves and its lightweight make for a bike meant both for the present and for the future.

Our goal is to enforce the qualitative and the

dimensional control of production at all stages, from

the design to the serial production.


Core, in carbon fiber takes shape thanks to our deep know-how in the aerospace industry.
Lightness and Resistance: are what enables reliable urban displacement.

StrengthZheus, it’s a compact and “invisible” engine, that allows for both energy recover and reuse by making the most of the pedal movement.

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