F&N Compositi is able to guarantee quality and dimensional control of the production process at all stages.
From the 3D / CAD design and modeling phase, to prototypes and molds until the serial production.

The Company is committed to investing in innovative design projects. In fact, we are adding a design line to our traditional products that includes both the design and implementation of hi-tech objects made in Italy.


Pre-preg      Carbon fibre     Fiberglass     Nomex

The main materials used by the company are pre-pregs with epoxy and phenolic matrix with glass, carbon and aramid fiber and honeycomb cores.


Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of the assigned project assigned to determine costs, timing, materials and processes of production.



Autoclave Panini


Internal work Area: 5000 x 1600.

Max temperature: 250° C

Process data recording system that guarantees data inviolability.

Clean Room


Clean Room with Controlled temperature and humidity with digital data recording system

Temperature Range 21° (+-3°)

Humidity Range 55% (+-15%)

5 Axis CNC Belotti


Work Area

X4000  x  Y1500  x  Z1100

Software OSAI.

Tool retraining system by RENISHAW probe

Pre-Preg Cutting Room


Digital Cutting Tool by ZUND

Max Cutting Range Area: 1600 x